NOA Mission

Patients come to Northshore Oncology Associates for comprehensive medical care in a state-of-the-art, patient-centered environment that cares for them from diagnosis, during and after treatment. Our highly- experienced physicians and health care staff use their skills, compassion and the latest medical knowledge to care for you or your loved one. Cancer patients rely on Northshore Oncology Associates’s multidisciplinary team approach to co-ordinate the medical and other resources available to them for their treatment.

NOA Services

The infusion suite at Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center is an open, airy environment designed with natural light. Comfortable infusion recliners for patients have been installed throughout the suite. Warm blankets, complimentary snacks and beverages as well as Wi-fi and individual televisions for each patient are just a few of the amenities available to patients.

Our social worker is a vital member of the healthcare team and makes referrals to community and national resources depending on patient and family needs.

Our dietitian is trained to determine your nutritional needs and develop an individualized diet plan to best support your treatment and recovery. The dietitian can answer any nutrition-related questions and will offer suggestions or advice on eating well during treatment.

Our patient financial counselors are available to help you if you would like to speak to someone about, billing, and insurance coverage.

Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center provides clinical trials to seek the safest and most effective treatments for each cancer type. If you are considering participating in one of our clinical trials, you will receive a thorough explanation from your healthcare provider with all the information you need to make an informed decision. The Cancer Center offers many clinical trials at any given time, including brain, breast, colorectal, head and neck, kidney, lung, melanoma, pancreas and prostate studies. Every patient is evaluated for a clinical trial and can be added to your treatment plan, potentially enhancing your outcome and benefitting the advancement of cancer care in the future.

What is a clinical trial?
Clinical trials are research studies to test new approaches in the prevention, detection, diagnosis or treatment of disease.

How do I join a trial?
Ask your doctor about participating in one of our trials. Phone: Call our clinical research department at (985) 276-6843.

Related Services

Radiation therapy is an important tool in the treatment of cancer. NOA refers patients to Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center for radiation therapy and works closely with the radiation oncologists. Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center Radiation: 985-875- 2234

Patients have easy access to efficient and convenient outpatient diagnostic services including X-rays, EKG and other lab tests at two locations:

Covington/Mandeville: 985-871-5665

For PET CT Scans, Please call Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center at 985-875-2234